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Types of Pools We Offer

pools come in many sizes and shapes

 round pools: from as small as 8ft diameter to enormous 33ft across! A 24ft round is by far the most common size that we install (about 50% of all installs). Round pools are popular for a few reasons. They usually cost less money at the pool store/retailer. They always cost less to install per sq. ft than an oval or teardrop shaped pool. The middles can be "bowled out" to form a deeper center of pool. This "bowled out" process has an additional fee and liner restrictions apply. You will need an area at least 1 ft bigger than pool size. (if your yard is flat) For example a 24 ft pool, needs at least a 26ft area excavated, flat, level, etc, if your yard is absolutely flat. If your yard has a slope, you will need more space to install the same size pool. For example if your yard has a steep slope (like your roof), you will need an area much bigger than the pool. For a 24 ft you may need up to 35 ft. But it is possible. Obviously excavation cost would be more, but we have put pools or very steep slopes before and there are all still there. Ask for details.

 oval pools:
from as small as 8x12ft to huge 21x41ft ovals can fit your yard perfectly. Modern technology has improved these pools structurally and their modern designs and colors are the right fit for any size yard. Depending on the make and model, extra yard space may be needed to accommodate the buttress support system. Some manufacturer`s require concrete to be poured for added stability. For any pool that requires concrete being poured during installation, there will be an addition charge of $100 per buttress support. Typically either 4 or 6 supports. This could increase installation cost by $400-600. Please check with your retailer or manufacturer, or just ask me which pools require concrete. Most do not.

 teardrop pools: these new designs came on the scene a few year ago and their unique shape and design is very popular. They are basically an oval pool with one round end much larger than the other. When first introduced, customers had an option of installing above ground, semi inground, or fully inground.

 inground and semi-inground:
Some manufactures design pools that can be installed semi or fully inground. This gives the appearance of
being an in-ground pool. There are many factors that may influence your decision to install this way. The
cost to install inground is approximately $3000-6000 more than simply installing the same pool above
ground. Total cost is usually 50-75% less than a traditional inground pools. Some of the major costs of
installing this way are excavation, removal of debris, concrete, and labor. Most people choose to have a
deck and/or patio installed that fits their budgets and their needs. There are a few manufacturer`s that make a  very strong pool that can be buried in ground up to 2 1/2 ft. (30 inches) without the need to backfill/bury it in concrete. It would save you 1000`s in installation, however pools are solid aluminum and can be more expensive than standard steel pools.
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