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Click on appropriate contract. Pool Installation or Liner Replacement. Then click open. Then click print. You may not be able to read until you print it. Read entire contract and if you agree to the terms and want to hire us, fill out basic info and answer all questions. Then return to me along with appropriate deposit $100 for liners $200 for pool installs. (refundable).

Liners. POOL MUST BE BONE DRY AND CLEAN. a few leaves, not a problem. 1200lbs of wet leaves will cost you $$

Pool installs. Please check with your town regarding permit. If you need any info from me to get permit, let me know when you send in contract and deposit. If you need a WC affidavit, you may print one here and include that with contract/deposit. I will fill out and sign any/all forms neccessary for your permit and return to you.