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Liner Replacement and Decks

Liner replacements are available for most pool, makes and models. Choosing the right liner is important for a proper fit. Size, height and shape are a few things to consider. Be sure to measure correctly, and don`t forget the height (usually 48 inches or 52 inches). PLEASE DONT SIMPLY MEASURE FROM THE GROUND UP TO TOP OF POOL. POOLS ARE USUALLY BURIED IN THE GROUND SEVERAL INCHES AND WILL END UP WITH THE WRONG LINER. DIG DOWN AND FIND THE BOTTOM OF POOL. MOST LINERS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE. The liner attaches to the wall in one of several ways (overlap, unibead, J-hook, standard bead) it is essential to purchase to right type of liner for your pool. There are many different colors and designs to choose from, as well as different thickness. To put the liner in, it should be as warm and sunny as possible. Minimum of 50-55 degrees.
Prices ranges from $475-800
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To drain pool, you can use any submergible pump. Even the pump you use to pump off your winter cover will work (it will take several days). If you don`t have a pump, a normal garden hose will work. Make sure the end outside the pool is lower than the end inside the pool and gravity will take over and slowly drain pool down considerably. However to get the last several inches out of pool can be tricky. I have found the best way to insure pool to be empty and stay empty (rain), is to puncture liner once you have it drained down to a few inches. DO NOT do this if water level is more than a few inches as it may cause damage to pool or flooding to area.

If you are thinking of replacing your liner, be sure your pool is not damaged from winter or rusted from years of exposure to the elements before your buy liner. Some retailers will not take liner returns.

Be sure and get the correct size shape, and type of liner. If beaded, be sure to get correct height. If you had complaints about rocks, pebbles, etc, a pad between sand and liner is recommended.
Liner replacement can add years of life to your pool, however sometimes the pool is just too far gone to repair. Any signs of rust on the outside of pool could be cause for concern. Often if the rust damage is only a small hole or 2, it can be patched and a new liner can then be installed. Replacing the actual liner takes 1-3hrs. However, very, very, often, we arrive to replace liner and pool is not empty. It may take several minutes to several hrs to drain pool so liner replacement can begin.